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Once More, With Feeling!

This is for my friend Bill “The Button” DeRouchey who enthusiasticaly emailed me when he found out I was going to the Buffy Vampire Slayer “Once More, With Feeling” Sing-Along. Bill, it was a blast!

The photo set will speak for itself:

I think I was in heavenGlory!Best Costume Prize

…but I do want to point out that we got a goodie bag with instructions on things to do at specific parts of the episode – awesome. It was very Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show-esque. Everyone’s favourite was to shout out “shut up Dawn” every time she said *anything*, which made a great episode even better.

There were bubbles blown while Tara’s was, em, “spread beneath her willow tree”, mustard packets waved around when “they got the mustard out!” and an authentic Sunnydale parking tickets (we were all wearing underwear though. Well, I was). People were surprisingly in tune and every song got a great ovation.

Prizes for best costumes, most enthusiastic fans through the night and “Who wants to be a Slayer” trivia game really added up to the fun. Prizes included Buffy fanfic and skeletons, among others. They are doing this again on the 30th and as nerdy as it sounds doing this twice in a row, I’m seriously contemplating the possibility…

“Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies!…”

If this report made no sense to you, don’t fear. Get your Buffy on and catch up.

LadyBlunt: Separated at Birth

I watched The Devil Wears Prada a couple of weeks ago and apart from the mild entertainment, I was curious throughout the entire film by actress Emily Blunt. I’d seen her in My Summer of Love so she looked familiar, but she reminded me of someone else and I couldn’t quite think of whom. I forgot about it until I went to the record store yesterday (to get the latest Ladytron remix) then it hit me: Helen Marnie!

Actress Emily Blunt & Ladytron's Helen Marnie

Am I right? Also, Ladytron fans out there, go get the new Extended Play mix, it’s good. And, AND!, not only are they coming to play in Philly this September 26th, but Cansei de Ser Sexy (from my hometown, Sao Paulo) will be opening for them. Yaay!