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We made it!

It is with certainty, excitement and the butterflies in my stomach that only this particular transition could afford that I am happy to announce I am moving to Washington, DC to be with my wife permanently!

This is one of the most significant steps in what has been a decade-long quest. My wife and I met in 2001 while we were living in different countries, at different stages in our careers and pursuing other goals. We made a commitment back then to figure out how to be together and we’ve been working towards that ever since.

The hurdles were many and significant, but we successfully managed to move to the same country, then the same state and eventually the same city, up until last year when she took an International Emergency Medicine Fellowship position in DC (she is an EM physician). We’ve been commuting on weekends to be together ever since. It’s not very fun.

In the intervening years, we accumulated a number of degrees, diplomas, jobs, careers, greencards, relatives, wedding vows, real estate, pets and an innumerable amount of possessions and memories which now fill our home and our hearts. That’s a lot of baggage to commute between Philly and DC every weekend so we discussed this long and hard and decided it was just not worthwhile. We are done waiting. This move means we can finally be together for good.

I am leaving my position as Principal, User Experience Design at Comcast, which seems unreal even as I write this considering how meaningful and important this phase of my life was. I could not possibly express what it has meant to me to have done this for the past 6 (six!!!) years in a few short lines but I will talk about it more in the future. Suffice to say I am thankful for the experience, memories and friendships.

I will surely miss all the people I’ve met in Philly though I am glad to know I won’t need to live here to keep those friendships. I am very excited about living in DC too. I love the city and I am fortunate to already have many friends and family there. Not to mention how great the UX community is locally (I often attend the local events even though that means a hike from Philly every time), which means I can continue my UX community shenanigans just as much (if not more than now).

This is not an easy transition and there is so much to do that I can barely look at my to-do list without cringing, but I could not be happier and more delighted to finally come to the end of this long and hard journey feeling a complete sense of joy and accomplishment.

Thank you all who have been there for me and for us along the day. This is possible, in no small part, because of your love, friendship and support.

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