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Archive for August, 2009

Sample spreadsheet

Here’s a spreadsheet with a sample UXHC which I used as an example in my last UXHC presentation at PhillyCHI. As I often say, the spreadsheet is really not the important thing, the exercise is, but I thought it might be useful to see it.

UXHC Example (.xls)

UX Health Check @ PhillyCHI

Today I gave a presentation at PhillyCHI on the UX Health Check. Since I have received a lot of feedback since Austin and I first presented this at the IA Summit, I decided to scrap the original presentation and create a new one. My hope is provide better context upfront and then introduce the UXHC as a possible approach (and hopefully make it more interesting visually to aid understanding). Enjoy!

What I did while Twitter was down

Got shit done!

Here’s what Whitney did