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In design, interaction is the last resort

This was shared in the IxDA discussion list and I felt it deserved to live on beyond a thread. From dear Bill ‘The Button’ DeRouchey, in response to Dave Heller Malouf’s question “In design, interaction is the last resort – what do people think of it?”:

Maybe in the world of Design, Interaction is the Last Resort, because you’ve visited other resorts. They were great, hopefully even fun. But once you get into Interaction, it’s the last resort you need to visit. It’s the one.

You enjoyed Visual. It was beautiful, elegant, clean. It communicated, it entertained, it awed. But you need some Motion, a sense of movement through time. So you walk down the beach.

You visited Industrial. Whoa, the shapes, the forms, the genius in how elements are put together. You’ve never seen a chair like that before. But you’re a bit of a geek. You need a little digital every day, maybe some buttons. So you walk down the beach.

The last resort is Interaction. It feels right. You can sit on the boundaries of the other resorts and get a bit of all of them, but then still dig deep. There’s plenty of new places to explore for years to come. “You mean if I touch this wall, cool stuff happens?” It’s fun.

Interaction is the Last Resort.

At least for me.

The original question was a quote from an essay titled Information Software and the Graphical Interface

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