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What is it called?

I use post-its for a lot of my “wall work”, but we ran out of walls at the office, so I bought 98″x42″ sheets of 0.5″ thick black foamboards. We’ll use these to create impromptu project war rooms and I’d like to add more than post-its (mostly just regular A4 sheets of paper) to them, without permanently damaging the boards.

I know that there is a product that allows me to attach things the way I want, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it is called, much less where to get it. I have a hard time even describing it (lacking the right vocabulary in English I believe) – Eddie and Aparna tried to help me and I think they figured out what it was but they also couldn’t think of a name.

It’s a type of non-stick adhesive (?), not a tape, but some kind of dough (?!), often gray or white used to adhere paper to various surfaces. Eddie said it was big in the 80′s in the US. To me, it looks sort of like epoxy, but that’s not quite it since most epoxy products harden permanently fairly quickly.

This substance is really flexible, like molding clay, except you can reuse it over and over (eventually, after a lot of exposure to oxygen it hardens. If you keep it closed in a plastic bag it lasts for ages). You take a little chunk, roll it into a little ball and press it between the sheet and the surface you’re adhering to.

I’ve roamed two large art supply stores in vain. I have a faint memory that the original package was from the UK; I recall seeing it used at the British Council in Sao Paulo in the early 90′s (Yikes, I wish I had used that memory cell for something else…)

This is driving me nuts, so please help me if you can. Thanks!

Keeping track of ideas II

I had a product idea today. Something I had thought of before in terms of “wouldn’t it be nice if someone did…” but it’s been a while and nobody has done anything, so in the spirit of my ideawall, I took some time and sketched my idea out.

Spending just 10 minutes on it allowed me to frame it much differently (better) than I had before when I was just considering how nice it would be to have this thing available to me as a user. 4 sketch pages later, I posted it on the wall and let it sit. 10 minutes later I had added 3 post-its notes with additional improvements.

I’m curious to see where this goes. Even if I never go any further with this particular idea, I’m feeling that it’s helping me getting into the ‘idea generating’ mode, which I think is the only thing that can truly propel our thinking to move forward.

Help Crystal Run

Crystal is really close to reaching her goal. Please help Crystal Run. She’s been training for months to participate in an endurance event as a member of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training, in honor of her friend, Rachael. You can learn more about her dedication on her blog.

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