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It went ka-boom!

Exciting day at the office. Too big booms and no information whatsoever. I guess they don’t realize just how freaked out people working in two really tall office towers can get.

At first I figured it was just some small gas burst in a building nearby, but when people started to flock out of the building it looked a little more serious. Not letting people know what is happening didn’t help though…

It was 1:20pm and I was starving; I had just walked back into the office after going out to buy lunch. Before I could take my first bite the first burst came and then the second so I left empty-handed.

After waiting outside for a long time and trying to make sure my entire team was there or had gone home, I decided to go home myself. I’m still starving and I still don’t know what’s happening.

Check the photos for details. Curiously, I was just thinking to myself yesterday how I had no pictures of my office building.

Update: Just got an email from the office saying it was an “underground electrical explosion (due to nearby construction)”.

Nouvelle Vague

I just returned from World Cafe Live where I saw Nouvelle Vague (and The Submarines). It was lots of fun. I have a few photos and a couple of quick videos for the more fanatic readers.

I enjoyed every song and it was a bummer that I had to go alone… though that didn’t stop me from singing along and Dancing With Myself (which they opened the show with by the way). I was pleasently surprised with The Smith’s Sweet And Tender Hooligan – waaaaaaaaay cool. Much much fun.

Videos stuck in my camera

I’m having trouble downloading videos from my new Canon PowerShot SD700 IS. It only happens if the videos are really big. I connect the camera and it downloads any pictures and short videos I may have, but not the large ones. It uses a small SanDisk 1GB SD card, but I don’t have a card reader, so I can only try to download by connecting the camera directly to the computer. I tried 3 different computers already. I haven’t been able to find anyone with a similar problem online. I have a video from Emergence 06′s keynote that desperately wants to be free. Any ideas???

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