Start mail me! sindicaci;ón

Can you help me some more?

This is sweet. I got several emails with suggestions and recommendations. Thanks everyone! My list goes on and on, so I’ll just keep posting more things…

  • I was “nominated” for this thing called Empire Who’s Who. As I was reading my nomination letter my BS sensor came up, but I have no way of telling if this is legit or a total scam/marketing ploy. Does anybody know what this is?
  • I need a really good tailor! I’m a short woman as most latin girls are; despite of my love for high heels, every pair of pants I buy needs to be adjusted. I went on a massive shopping spree lately (I was starting to wear jeans to work too often!) but I can’t wear any of my new suits until I get them adjusted. I looked around for some tailors but I was hoping to get a recommendation rather than gambling away my hems…
  • And on the subject of high-heels… the saddest thing is when a favourite pair starts to go down the way of retirement. I’m very partial to my Brazilian shoes so I need to make the most of them. Any really good shoe repair shops in Philly, Pittsburgh or DC area? I’ll travel far for good results :D
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