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IA Summit 2006

I look forward to the IA Summit all year with great anticipation and once it is over I start to feel sad because it goes by too quickly. I am always surprised by how it exceeds my every expectation, and this year it did more than that: when it was over, I was already looking forward to and working on what is going to happen next year. That’s what the IA Summit is, my big annual burst of energy.

There were great sessions and excellent conversations, all trully meaningful exchanges. It’s a little odd to talk about the Summit because I feel like I use too many superlatives and neither of them are good enough to express how much I learned, enjoyed and cherished the time I spent with the people who were there.

I tried to record a few sessions and I will post them to Boxes & Arrows next week after I get my computer repaired and convert them to mp3. Also check B&A for sessions summaries soon.

I also took some notes (that don’t really make much sense out of context), but which I will publish when I get the presentation slides that they go with. For now, you can check out the links on using the keywords iasummit2006 and presentations to get a taste of them as they become available.

When I gather all my notes, I’ll also publish a list of books that were mentioned during presentations and recommended by people during the summit.

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