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Dealing With An Angry Public

I thought this was a little disturbing and amusing at the same time. It’s interesting that Harvard, The MIT and Tufts University decided to offer something as unique as this course together; there must really be a market for it.

My favourite thing is the quote inside the brochure “The ‘traditional approach’ is why courses like this are necessary in the first place”

HBR is getting on my nerves

I love the Harvard Business Review. I am a subscriber to the magazine – which I’ve been reading for many years – and I also receive the email newsletter with articles and discussions. The quality of the content is always superb, but since I subscribed to the magazine (I had always gotten it through work or the library) I have been pestered on a weekly basis by the marketing agency that sells subscriptions. WEEKLY! How is it possible that they feel it is acceptable to pester me every week with 1) an email trying to get me to renew (which I just did!) or buy something else (NOT in my personalized list of preferred topics, which I bothered to fill out) and 2) Snail mail with the EXACT SAME information. HBR, here’s a tip: practice what you preach.

Personal Web Pages

Have you gotten your personal web page built on Google yet? Oh you’re so lame, that’s so five minutes ago! And older than that is the notion of Personal Web Page. Nobody builds personal Web pages/sites anymore, it’s not worth the investment. Now people blog. And then they extend blogs. Blogs are evolving to replace that old Personal Web Page notion; aggregating all the various services you use (Flickr,, 43things, whatever…) and letting you make sense of it – empowering you to decide how YOU want the world to see you. This first version of the Google tool has left me completely and utterly underwhelmed. Yeah yeah, I know, it will be awesome as soon as I’m done posting this. Go get yours then.

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