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Archive for February, 2006

I love squids

Squids are my favourite animals (as my ilovesquid at hotmail dot com address has indicated since 1999). I just found out that the awesome giant squid they are displaying at the Natural History Museum in London is called Architeuthis dux. I love that name! It has Architecture and DUX in it!

I’m an ENTJ

Looks like I’m 1% Extroverted, 88% Intuitive, 38% Thinking, and 33% Judging, which makes me something of a field marshall with hints of an architect rational. What are you?

I *heart* Peter Me

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous interview on NextD Journal with Peter about his perspectives on design. This is the best exchange on design I’ve read in a really long time. How I wish our everyday work was challenged like this more often.

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