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Planned Yultide Self Indulgences

  • Charles Burns‘ Skin Deep. I really loved reading through the Black Hole hardcover. I had the opportunity to meet Charles Burns last month, and after that I think I’d read his grocery list if I could. And it would be good. When I asked him to sign his book he gave me one of this drawings (!!!), how awesome is that?
  • Sophie Crumb‘s Belly Button #1 and 2. This is new to me, I didn’t know she was a cartoonist like mom and dad.
  • Gilbert Hernandez‘ Luba’s Comics & Stories
  • Los Bros Hernandez‘ Luba Conquers the World and Hernandez Satyricon, thus completing a life-long dream of reading and owning the whole Love & Rockets series
  • Chris Ware‘s Acme Novelty Library 16. I met Chris Ware on the same night I met Charles Burns. Seeing him on stage feels like one of his characters walked out of the books and started talking. It’s so dark and ironic and depressing and funny.
  • Paige Braddock‘s Jane’s World Volume 4. I’ve been reading the whole series since the beggining and I can’t wait for more. What’s really curious to me is that Braddock works at Schulz‘ studios and illustrates Peanuts. It’s such a vastly different style!
  • Jessica Abel‘s La Perdida. ‘Mirror, Window’ was really interesting – I was not crazy about the story but I particularly like her drawing style. It feels very contemporary, which is not a feeling I get from most of the things I’ve been reading these days (except for the next one). I can’t wait to see more of her work.
  • Brian Vaughan‘s Y: The Last Man volumes 2-6. Dan first introduced me to Vaughan’s work with Ex Machina, which is absolutely brilliant (thanks Dan, I’m forever indebted to you). Both Ex Machina and Y: The Last Man have that contemporary feel (realistic social context), witty smart humour and such skillful drawing that I find myself staring at a single page for ages.

I guess these will keep me busy for a couple of days…


mrettig said,

December 14, 2005 @ 9:55 am

Comix!! If you like these, you might also ask Santa for:

Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey books

He also has a series called Maakies, which are really great if you don’t mind that most of them involve stuffed animals getting drunk and commiting suicide. But Sock Monkey has a joyful quality laced with tragedy that I find irresistable. The first one especially. And his drawings are like old woodcuts. Yum.

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